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Stubbs boasts extensive experience in web development, with a focus on creating custom platforms tailored to meet unique business needs. Our proficiency spans a spectrum of technologies, including React.js, Node.js, UI Libraries like MUI or TailwindCSS, MongoDB, and Firebase. With over 50 successful web platforms launched, our track record speaks of our dedication and expertise.

Key benefits

Wireframing & Design

We kickstart projects with the development of clickable wireframes, enabling you to visualize and test the website's structure before development begins, ensuring alignment with your goals.

We aim to create sophisticated designs that reflect the project's identity and appeal to the target audience.

Tech stack

Technology stack that we use prioritizes speed and efficiency, resulting in rapid development cycles without compromising quality. React.js, renowned for its component-based architecture, helps to create scalable code applications with component reusage.

Custom functionality

Our experience includes developing custom functionality to accommodate different user roles with their unique flows and features.

Third-party providers

We excel in integrating third-party API providers with flexible configurations. From payment services or data providers to marketing software, we ensure your platform can interact seamlessly with various external services.


Focusing on app secureness by implementing passwords hashes, ports blocking, request & responses clearness for clients, https and other necessary steps.

SEO optimization

We embed internal SEO optimization techniques to bolster search engine rankings and overall visibility based on the best practices or the external SEO team.

Custom Admin panel

Our custom admin panel is designed to provide control and management capabilities based on your unique requirements. With features such as customizing subscription plans adding, User & content management, you gain the flexibility to adapt your platform to evolving business needs. 

Analytics and reports

Our expertise extends to developing advanced analytical reports that provide invaluable insights into your platform's performance. We can integrate Google Analytics to provide in-depth data tracking, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of user behavior and engagement. Additionally, our focus on integrating SEO requirements means your platform is optimized for search engines, enhancing its visibility and discoverability. 

Stages of work

Discovery Phase and Requirements Gathering

Each project starts with a thorough exploration of business goals, target audience, and it's needs. We do industry research to learn more about the clients, competitors, and niche specifications. Depending on the project goal, we provide a wide competitors' analysis, trend forecast, technologies to use & third-party integration solutions.


Mindmapping is the stage where we visually outline the structure and interconnections of your website. This visual representation provides a comprehensive overview of the project's architecture, serving as our guiding compass throughout development.


Wireframes are the next step, where we sketch the user interface and layout of your platform. Clickable wireframes serve as the foundation, ensuring that the user experience aligns seamlessly with your vision and objectives. It also helps to test user experience and build the optimal structure for achieving higher-level conversion rates.


Our UI/UX designer steps in to craft a visually captivating and user-centric design that mirrors your brand identity. We believe that aesthetics are not just about appearances but also about enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.


We leverage our tech stack proficiency to transform designs into functional code. During this stage, we also focus on thinking through the logic for non-obvious cases, adaptiveness for different devices and resolutions, and integration of third-party services. Our goal is to create a clear and scalable codebase, fast & secure application.


QA commences early in the development process, allowing us to identify and address any bugs promptly, ensuring a smooth development journey. Towards the final stages, we conduct comprehensive regression testing to validate that the platform is robust and ready for deployment.

Server setup

In the server setup and configuration phase, we establish a reliable foundation for your website. While we provide essential server setup, we focus on creating a stable environment to support your platform's performance.


After testing and optimization, your SaaS platform is primed for release. We deploy it to your audience, ensuring we stay within the timeline.


We offer ongoing support to address any issues, implement updates, and ensure your platform continues to operate seamlessly.

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Custom Website Development: The Benefits of Building a Tailor-Made Digital Platform for Your Business

Custom-designed websites are quickly becoming a necessity for businesses that want to maximize their online presence and reach their target audience effectively. These websites offer a tailor-made digital platform designed specifically to meet a project's unique needs and objectives. 

Websites can better connect with their audience by having distinct designs that effectively showcase their products or services. This can help them stand out from their competitors and establish a unique online identity. By creating a unique website, businesses can attract more attention, foster brand loyalty, and enhance their credibility.

At Stubbs.pro, we specialize in providing custom web solutions tailored to our clients' needs. With a portfolio boasting over 100 successful projects across various industries, ranging from startups to medium and enterprise-level businesses, we are committed to delivering innovative designs and additional functionalities that empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

What is Custom Web Design?

When it comes to building a website, businesses have two primary options: custom web design or template-based approaches. While templates may offer convenience and speed up development, they often come with limitations. On the other hand, custom web design offers a level of versatility and flexibility that template-based approaches simply cannot match.  

Custom design allows businesses to put their ideas into practice that align with the project's vision and objectives. While templates may work for initial stages, they are unlikely to meet the requirements of a unique project. One of the primary benefits of custom web design is its ability to accurately reflect a brand's identity. A website is often the first contact point between a business and its audience, making it crucial for the design to effectively convey the brand's values, personality, and identity. 

With custom design, businesses can create a website that not only showcases their products or services but also resonates with their target audience on a deeper level. Moreover, custom design allows websites to be tailored to specific business needs. Whether it's optimizing user experience, implementing complex functionalities, or aligning with specific marketing strategies, custom design provides the flexibility to address these requirements effectively. 

The Role of a Custom Website Developer 

Hiring a proficient custom website developer is crucial to developing a high-quality web platform that effectively meets project requirements. A skilled developer ensures that the code is not only readable and optimized but also loads quickly and functions efficiently. This guarantees seamless functionality and scalability, facilitating easy maintenance and future enhancements, even by other teams.  

Experience is a vital factor in custom website development. Developers with a track record of similar projects bring valuable insights and an understanding of best practices. Their proficiency in various technologies empowers them to make informed decisions about integrations and functionalities. Furthermore, their experience allows them to anticipate challenges and come up with efficient solutions that ensure the project's success.

In custom website development, creativity is another crucial aspect as it empowers developers to approach problems innovatively and design solutions that align with the project's objectives. By combining experience, expertise, and creativity, skilled custom website developers ensure the development of a high-quality web platform that meets all requirements, including scalability, optimization, and readable code. This guarantees smooth functionality and easy maintenance, ultimately leading to the project's success.

Custom Ecommerce Website Development

Online shopping has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and ease of use. Creating a custom ecommerce platform may be even more advantageous for your business as it can be customized to fit your specific needs and showcase your brand's uniqueness.  

Developing a custom ecommerce website provides customized solutions to meet the particular requirements of online stores. This enables them to implement highly personalized marketing strategies, intricate interaction flows, and advanced product logic algorithms.

Key features and functionalities essential for successful online stores include:

  1. User-friendly Catalogs: Customized search, filtering, and sorting options enhance the browsing experience, allowing customers to easily find products of interest.
  2. Categorization: Well-organized catalogs ensure intuitive navigation, helping users locate desired items efficiently.
  3. Product Pages: Detailed product descriptions, reviews, videos, comparisons, and various purchasing options (e.g., one-click purchase, installment payments) aid users in making informed purchasing decisions.
  4. Checkout Flow: The checkout process should be smooth and easy to use. This includes adding items to the cart, offering related product recommendations, and allowing easy cart editing.
  5. Admin Functionality: An intuitive admin interface enables quick product uploads, inventory management, and customization of product relationships, enhancing backend efficiency.
  6. Fast Loading Speed: Optimal website performance, particularly on mobile devices, is crucial for retaining customers and ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Custom ecommerce websites can cater to the diverse requirements of customers and provide them with a seamless and engaging online shopping experience by integrating specific features and functionalities. Custom solutions enable businesses to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive ecommerce market by providing unique features tailored to their target audience and business objectives.

Custom Web Application Development

Custom web app development offers businesses the ability to create tailored solutions that meet their unique needs and objectives. Unlike pre-built solutions, custom development allows companies to align the functionality and design of their web applications with their specific vision and goals. 

The benefits of custom web app development are numerous: 

  1. Unique Functionality: Custom-built web applications can be designed to address the specific tasks and requirements of a business, providing functionality that aligns perfectly with its operations.
  2. Enhanced Speed: With optimized functionality, custom web apps can offer higher performance and faster loading times, improving efficiency and productivity.
  3. Exclusive Design: Custom web apps can be designed with a unique and branded aesthetic, helping to establish a solid visual identity and brand recognition.
  4. Scalability: Custom solutions are built to scale,      allowing businesses to accommodate growth and adapt to changing needs without limitations.

At Stubbs.pro, we have developed custom web applications that have significantly improved businesses' efficiency and productivity. 

Ontrack: Ontrack is a custom-built platform designed to track weight progress efficiently. It offers users a user-friendly interface to set and monitor weight goals, providing insights and visualizations of their progress over time. With Ontrack, users can stay motivated and accountable in achieving their fitness goals, improving efficiency in managing health and productivity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Flytime: Flytime is a custom SaaS project management application that enhances team collaboration and productivity. It leverages Gantt chart visualization to enable teams to visualize project tasks, timelines, and resources effectively. It includes features like in-app messaging, customizable project hierarchies, subscription options, and streamlining project management processes. 

These custom web applications exemplify our commitment to providing tailored solutions that optimize efficiency and productivity for businesses and individuals.

Custom Website Design Solutions

It's a common belief that choosing a custom design for a project will always result in higher costs. However, at our company, we prioritize efficiency and optimization when it comes to design. To address cost concerns, we implement various strategies that help us streamline the design process and reduce expenses without compromising quality. 

One effective strategy to accelerate the design process is to make use of popular libraries such as Tailwind, Material UI, or Ant Design. These libraries offer a range of pre-built components that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. By leveraging these pre-existing design elements, we can streamline the development process while still delivering the unique and customized appearance that our clients desire.

At Stubbs.pro, our team of experienced designers works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. We carefully assess each project and use our extensive library of pre-designed elements to develop customized solutions that meet our clients' needs and budget. Our goal is to provide affordable custom website design solutions that are delivered promptly and to the highest standards of quality.


Custom design websites are essential for businesses looking to establish a unique online presence and drive success in the digital landscape. Stubbs.pro stands ready to meet these needs with our expertise in crafting tailored web solutions. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, consider Stubbs.pro for your custom web design needs and unlock your business's full potential online.

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