Anabolic Pharmacists

E-commerce platform for sports nutrition and medical drugs.


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Anabolic Pharmacists


10 months






Web development



Anabolic Pharmacist is the premier online destination for all Client's drugs & nutrition needs. With its secure and intuitive platform, it offers a smooth shopping experience, featuring a comprehensive catalog, user-friendly interface, and robust functionalities like store credits, promotions, affiliate roles, and several payment options including crypto.


Our task was to create an online store specifically tailored for the pharmacy industry. 

The platform needed to prioritize security, feature an intuitive user interface, and incorporate 

complex calculation logic to handle promotional codes, store credits, and free goods.


Our main challenge was to create a platform that could leverage competitors' best practices while implementing sophisticated calculation logic tailored to our client's unique requirements. Additionally, we needed to find a way to stand out in a highly competitive landscape with numerous online stores.


Research and Wireframes

To kickstart the design process, we conducted extensive research on competitors' platforms within the online pharmacy industry. This allowed us to gain insights into current design trends, identify areas for improvement, and determine the key elements that would set Anabolic Pharmacists apart.

For instance, we examined such popular platforms as Amazon and Rozetka. During the research, we found out that displaying top and discounted products on the Home page can be effective. However, the cluttered presentation of them could be overwhelming for new users. As a solution, we decided to implement a clean and neat line view of the top and discounted products on Anabolic Pharmacist's home page, providing a user-friendly and inviting experience.

Based on the research findings, we proceeded to develop the Mindmap and Wireframes of the platform. This involved creating mockups that outlined the overall structure, layout, and navigation of Anabolic Pharmacist. Through this iterative process, we fine-tuned the user flow, ensuring an intuitive experience.


With the wireframes as our foundation, we began the creation of Moodboard and Concepts, which allowed us to stay with a client on the same page for all future design solutions. We used contrast white and black colors to make the platform look clean and reach the target audience - males. We made sure the design gives a feeling of space, and at the same time, nothing distracts from the buying process.

By following this comprehensive design creation process, we have developed a platform for Anabolic Pharmacists that not only meets the functional requirements but also captivates users with its simplicity and visually appealing design.


Catalog, Product Card, Checkout:


The catalog showcases a range of pharmaceutical products, where search functionality and filters for the substances, warehouses, discounts, categories, manufacturers, and selecting price range make the search process for the users comfortable and fast. 

Product Card

Detailed product cards provide essential information about each item. Customers can easily check the items and pack availability, explore the bulk logic that rewards users with discounts for purchasing higher quantities and product-specific discounts, add the product to the Wishlist, and leave a review.


A user-friendly checkout process for efficient order placement that has options to use promo codes, earn and apply Store credits, and add Free Goods to their order when exceeding a specified order value.


Users can access various discount options, such as product-specific discounts, promo codes for selected items, and store credits earned through orders and reviews.

Affiliate program

Anabolic Pharmacist's affiliate program allows influencers to promote products with unique promo codes, earning cashback for each order. Affiliate users can manage their earnings and request new promo codes through personalized profile pages.

Admin panel

The platform's admin panel empowers administrators to manage products, warehouses, discounts, user accounts, reviews, emails, and comprehensive statistics. Store credits and free goods can also be easily managed through this centralized interface.

Anabolic Pharmacist offers a range of payment choices:

  • Crypto payments through Plisio, ensuring secure and hassle-free transactions.


  • Traditional methods like Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, TransferWise, and international bank transfers, with emailed instructions for smooth processing.



With its innovative design, complex logic, and captivating user experience, Anabolic Pharmacist is expected to achieve remarkable results upon its launch. We anticipate that the platform will be leading in the online pharmacy industry, becoming a trusted and preferred destination for customers seeking pharmaceutical products. 

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