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In Stubbs, we create robust web and mobile applications for startups and SMEs. With over 80 successful projects launched in just four years, we pride ourselves on delivering high-standard services that turn ideas into fast, profitable, competitive digital apps. 

Our portfolio includes collaborations with leading companies & celebrities like Lexus dealer, Finance.ua, world champion Olexander Usyk, and Elina Svitolina.

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Our values

Technical expertise


High standards of development help to create extra competitive advantages for businesses - make the app fast, optimized, convenient, and scalable. We form our industries' expertise to select the optimal technologies & API providers, implement the best practices, and optimize the time for development.

Continuous growth


The IT industry constantly evolves, bringing new technologies, standards, and potential business solutions. To stay competitive and offer innovative solutions to our clients, we continuously learn, test, and reassess our approaches.

Transparency in collaboration


Integrity is important for achieving common goals. We foster a collaborative and transparent approach, valuing open communication and active involvement throughout the development process. Together, we create solutions that align perfectly with your vision, driven by a shared commitment to success.



Working with startups that are eager to create the MVP, find the Product market fit, or test something new requires a high level of agility. We aim to provide our services in a way that caters to the varying needs of our clients.

Our team

Mykola Bilous


Pavlo S


Danylo M

Project Manager

Victoria M

Tech lead

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Oleksandr Usyk

World boxing champion

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