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Wicked Tennis - a platform that provides an easy way to find an opponent for a tennis game in the Boston area.


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Wicked Tennis


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Wicked Tennis - a platform that provides an easy way to compete in amateur tennis leagues in the Boston area. Its user-friendly interface streamlines finding an opponent and scheduling matches with just a few clicks, ensuring a smooth user experience.


Our primary goal was to create a fast and easy process for tennis players to find suitable game opponents.


Tennis players faced difficulty in finding opponents due to the absence of a convenient and easy-to-use platform. They had to propose various timeslots and locations and engage in lengthy email conversations to confirm the time and place for a match.

Wicked Tennis proposed a convenient solution that allowed players to quickly and effortlessly connect with each other, streamlining the scheduling process.


To ensure our platform addressed the specific needs of tennis players, we conducted thorough market research. This analysis helped us understand the challenges faced by tennis players in the area and identify the gaps in existing solutions.

Based on players' feedback, we discovered the most requested features:

Quick Scheduling
Feature that would allow players to easily agree on the time and place of their tennis matches.
Mobile Accessibility
Our research revealed that players heavily relied on their mobile phones for accessing tennis-related information and managing their schedules.
Seasonal Statistics
An opportunity to track and analyze the performance within each season.
Quick Match Results
Feature that would allow users to swiftly add match results.

UX solutions


Based on extensive research, we developed wireframes that catered to the specific needs of players, ensuring convenience and accessibility. Our wireframes focused on creating a user-friendly interface, optimizing the flow and navigation within the platform.


The client's goal was to create a convenient and user-friendly solution without unnecessary complexities. The design reflects this vision by employing a minimalist approach that prioritizes clarity and functionality.

Inspired by the game of tennis, the color palette prominently features vibrant greens and clean whites.

Mobile usability

The project is mobile-oriented, so our main focus was to enhance the user mobile experience by optimizing all project elements for mobile devices. We also aimed to minimize the number of steps required for users to find opponents and schedule matches, prioritizing usability and convenience.



Users can create proposals for a tennis match, specifying the desired town, court, time, and leaving notes to facilitate successful scheduling. This feature ensures players can easily find suitable opponents and arrange matches with minimal effort. 
Apart from match proposals, users also can challenge other specific users for a game or schedule a practice match.

My matches

My matches page allows users to view all their upcoming and past matches, edit matches, and cancel them. 

League Matches

Each season, Wicked Tennis has league matches, providing an inclusive opportunity for players of all levels to participate and showcase their skills.


This is the final touch for each season. A visually captivating playoffs scheme makes it easier to track the progress.


Our user-friendly dashboard provides players with insightful statistics related to their tennis activities on the platform. 


Within just two months of its release, Wicked Tennis has experienced success and positive feedback. Over 400 users have joined the platform, and the growing community continues to embrace the convenience and efficiency of our solution. The overwhelming response from users demonstrates that Wicked Tennis has successfully met the needs of Boston tennis players, providing them with a seamless and enjoyable experience in finding opponents for their matches.

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