Arbela is a collaborative investment platform that is focused on Web3 startups.


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5 months


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Investment, Web3


Web development



Arbela is a platform that connects potential investors with Web3 companies that are looking for investments. It allows users to create investment propositions, discover new startups, discuss investment options in the forum, and vote for the most prospective.


The project goal was to create a platform that matches prospective businesses in the Web3 area with potential investors, gathers feedback from the community on proposed companies, and highlights the most compelling proposals.


Our task was to develop a fast, scalable, and secure application using the provided design, ensuring a smooth user experience.


The design of Arbela is simple and has positive vibes. The initial design was provided by the client, but our team was involved in landing page design and redesigning the new flows.

We also worked on all adaptive design versions for different resolutions to make the platform look good on every device.


There are three types of platform options (or cards)

Discussion Card

This option is designed for users who want to start a discussion about a particular topic. Basically, it is a forum with a thread of comments where users can leave a comment or reply to someone's comment and also like, dislike, edit, or delete it.

Investment Card

This option can be created for companies or platforms that would like to showcase their offerings to potential investors. Users can vote for the card and check general information about the company, such as the pitch deck, social media links, and other relevant details.

Bounty Card

This feature provides a reward-based system for users who perform specific research tasks. In the future, it is planned to be a task of research, and users who perform it will be able to earn money for their work.


The main page on the platform, where users can see all cards that are presented on the platform and have the possibility to create a new one.

Result page

Users can vote three times a week for different cards on the platform, and this page is made to show the top 5 cards that have been most voted on this week.

Profile page

This page includes an inviting friend feature and a list of invited users. In addition, there is a possibility to see all the cards that you follow or create.


Although our platform has not been released to the public yet, we have received positive feedback from a narrow circle of associates and support from the investor community. We are confident that Arbela will revolutionize how investors and companies connect, making it easier and more accessible for everyone.

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