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Mentoly is a cutting-edge platform designed to bring psychologists and clients together in a seamless and efficient manner. By providing a user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality, Mentoly revolutionizes the way psychologists and clients interact, making it easier than ever to schedule sessions with mental health professionals. 


Our task was to create a platform that facilitates the connection between psychologists and clients. The platform should allow psychologists to showcase their expertise and availability while clients can search for psychologists based on their specific needs and preferences. Additionally, the platform should enable clients to schedule appointments, make payments, and provide statistics.


Before Mentoly, platforms in the market lacked the appealing design and robust functionality necessary to create an exceptional user experience.

Our challenge was to develop a platform that not only surpassed existing competitors but also offered a friendly interface and the essential features required to meet the needs of both psychologists and clients.

Market research

To ensure the success of Mentoly, we conducted extensive research into existing platforms within the industry. 
In the Ukrainian segment, our research revealed that competitors predominantly presented a very typical design. Recognizing the need for a warm and inviting atmosphere, we made a decisive choice to infuse Mentoly with a cozy and welcoming feel.
With this comforting approach, Mentoly wraps its users in an atmosphere of trust and support, paving the way for transformative mental healthcare experiences in the Ukrainian market.

Design Prototype

Before creating a design, we focused on developing wireframes for Mentoly to validate the user flow and provide a basic visual representation of the platform. This prototype allowed us to gather valuable feedback and ensure that the core functionality met the needs of psychologists and clients.


Landing page

Mentoly's landing page boasts an attractive design, captivating visitors with its modern aesthetics. This user-friendly interface smoothly addresses the main questions clients may have, guiding them effortlessly toward their desired destination - book a session or sign up as a psychologist. 

Find a therapist

Search for psychologists

Clients can easily search for psychologists based on their specific requirements. They can specify the problems they are facing, choose between online or offline meetings, indicate preferred age groups, and set a session price range. Mentoly's powerful filtering system then presents a list of psychologists who are the best fit for clients' needs.

Intelligent auto-selection

We've implemented an intelligent auto-selection feature that ensures clients find the most suitable therapist based on their completed questionnaire. This personalized and data-driven approach streamlines the therapist selection process, saving clients time and enhancing the overall user experience.


We've strategically designed the registration process. Rather than requiring registration immediately, we invite users to complete the questionnaire first. By doing so, clients get a glimpse of the platform's value and commitment to their well-being before creating an account. This approach has proven highly effective in increasing registration conversion rates, as clients are more inclined to engage with the platform.

Psychologist profile

Each psychologist has a comprehensive profile where clients can access vital information such as educational background, years of experience, and availability. This allows clients to make informed decisions when selecting a psychologist. They can also conveniently schedule meetings and pay for them directly through the platform.

Promo codes

To enhance user satisfaction, Mentoly offers the option to apply promo codes. Clients can redeem these codes to receive discounts on session fees, making mental healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Platform wallet

Clients have the flexibility to add money to their platform Wallet with credit cards or utilizing gift certificates they receive from others. The virtual money stored in the Wallet serves as a payment method for therapy sessions. Clients can use these funds to pay for sessions either fully or partly if the current balance doesn't cover the full session price.

Gift certificates

An option to purchase a Certificate with a specified sum value and send it as a gift to someone they care about. The process is simple, once a user purchases a Certificate, they provide the recipient's email address, and a unique promo code with the specified sum will be sent to this email. To use the Certificate, the recipient simply needs to put the promo code provided in the email, then virtual money will be added to the platform Wallet and can be used further while paying for the therapy sessions. 


Page where users can see their upcoming sessions and edit information about them if needed. 


Since its successful launch, Mentoly has been embraced by psychologists and clients alike. The platform got over 1,000 active users within the first few months of operation. The platform's intuitive interface, captivating design, and robust functionality have garnered positive feedback. The seamless connection between psychologists and clients has facilitated meaningful progress and positive outcomes, establishing Mentoly as a trusted leader in the industry.

Currently, we continue working on additional flows and logic for Mentloly, so stay tuned.

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