Platform for anyone looking to effortlessly track their weight progress, achieve their fitness goals, and gain actionable insights through timeline predictions.


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User-friendly and visually appealing platform designed for tracking weight progress. With Ontrack, users can set their weight goals and check if they are On Track to meet them. Users can check the insights, visualize the progress in a timeline graph, and share the performance with other users within and outside the platform.


Development with a provided design
Create a simple and intuitive platform based on a provided design that would help users track their weight progress
Timeline prediction
Provide a custom dashboard timeline prediction and completion rating based on user's progress
Adaptive versions
Make it look good for all display resolutions



When new users join Ontrack, they will go through a straightforward onboarding process. This will enable them to establish their start and end dates, along with their current and target weight. This data will be utilized to produce an individualized weight-tracking program.


The dashboard is the main page of the platform. Users can easily update their weight progress and track it through a timeline graph. This graph provides a clear picture of users' weight progress over time, helping them to predict if they are meeting their goals and when.

Additionally, the dashboard gives users insights into their caloric deficit, how many kilograms they are away from their target weight, and how many days are left to meet their goal.

Export & Import

Ontrack allows users to export and import their weight-tracking data easily. This feature makes it simple for users to move their data to different devices or to share it with others.

Edit Entries

The Edit Entries Page is where users can see all their filled-in entries. From this page, they can edit, delete, and sort their weight entries in different ways. This page allows users to easily manage their weight tracking information, ensuring that they always have it up-to-date.


Ontrack has not yet been released to the public, but we believe that it has the potential to revolutionize the weight-tracking market. Our goal is to eventually expand the platform and include fitness clubs collaboration, steps tracking and become a one-stop-shop for all your fitness needs.

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