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Topiar, a leading Ukrainian studio of landscaping design, embarked on a transformative journey to elevate its online presence and showcase its exceptional portfolio of projects to the audience. The project aimed to revitalize their outdated website, infusing it with a fresh, contemporary look while enhancing functionality to attract new clients and increase revenue.


Our tasks were to conduct a comprehensive audit of the existing website to identify technical issues and improvement opportunities, enhance the website's visual appeal and expand functionality, implement essential SEO requirements, and ensure positive search results influence.


Our main challenge was preserving the extensive existing content on the website while incorporating complex animations for the redesign and expanded functionality. Furthermore, we needed to find a perfect balance between animation and maintaining optimal page loading speed.


Our team ensured that the new website design resonated with the studio's identity while maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic. Carefully curated animations were integrated to increase user engagement, elevating the overall browsing experience.


Main page

The main page showcases examples of Topiar's work, offers an overview of studio services, introduces the company and its employees, and highlights positive client reviews and testimonials. Engaging animations add an element of dynamism. The website also include Services, Portfolio, Contact us and Blog pages. 

Admin panel

The admin panel has been completely transformed by adding custom development solutions. This made it easy to add custom content blocks, flexibly change the layout order, and create new pages and subcategories for pages.


SEO requirements were diligently implemented to optimize search engine performance. This involved adding meta tags and creating readable URLs to enhance Topiar's online visibility.

Page Loading

The challenge of page loading speed was skillfully addressed by adopting Single Page Application (SPA) architecture. Additionally, Server-Side Rendering (SSR) ensured that content was accessible to search bots, further bolstering SEO performance. Despite a large content volume and complex animations, we increased the Page Loading Speed scores of 81 for desktop and 47 for mobile, according to Google Page Speed Insights.


With the launch of the redesigned website, Topiar attracted a significant influx of new clients, while existing clients praised the enhanced user experience.

The collaboration resulted in a visually stunning corporate catalog website that showcases Topiar's landscaping design projects with captivating animations and smooth user interactions.

With meticulous SEO implementation and optimal page loading speed, the website's online visibility improved significantly, attracting a broader audience and contributing to Topiar's business growth.

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