Mebelmarket is a dynamic e-commerce platform that serves as a premier online store for furniture, catering specifically to sofas, beds, and other sleeping accessories.


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Mebelmarket stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly furniture online store dedicated to offering an extensive range of high-quality furniture products. With a keen focus on sofas, beds, and sleeping accessories, Mebelmarket ensures that customers find the perfect pieces to transform their living spaces into havens of comfort and style.


Our goal was to create a cutting-edge furniture online store for a Ukrainian company, showcasing a pastel and minimalist design while ensuring an intuitive user experience. The key functionalities requested by the client included the ability to explore different sizes, colors, discounts, and categories/subcategories of furniture, as well as the integration of features like a Wishlist to enhance customer engagement.


The challenge we faced was to develop a furniture online store that encompassed all the necessary functionalities while providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. The number of similar platforms is high, so we needed to analyze them and find a way to stand out.


To ensure the success of Mebelmarket, we dedicated considerable time and effort to conducting thorough research. We analyzed and evaluated competitor platforms, meticulously identifying areas where we could make substantial contributions and improvements.



The platform features an intuitive catalog that offers efficient filtering options, enabling customers to navigate through the vast array of furniture products easily. With categorized and subcategorized sections, users can swiftly find their desired items, making the shopping process seamless.


Customers can personalize their furniture purchases by selecting various options such as colors, sizes, and additional features. This level of customization empowers users to create furniture pieces that perfectly align with their preferences and requirements.


This feature enables users to curate a personalized list of their favorite furniture items, helping them keep track of their desired pieces and facilitating easy future purchases.


We understand the importance of providing customers with attractive offers and promotions. Our dedicated promotions page showcases exclusive deals ensuring that customers can take advantage of the best prices and savings.


We recognize the value of collaboration and have incorporated a dedicated partners page on Mebelmarket. Here, trusted partners and manufacturers can be listed, emphasizing the quality and reliability of the furniture products available on the platform.


This page provides customers with valuable insights, tips, and inspiration related to furniture and home decor. The articles page is designed to be a go-to resource for users seeking expert advice on furniture trends, interior design tips, maintenance guidelines, and more.


We are thrilled to announce that Mebelmarket has been successfully launched, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our commitment to delivering a visually appealing platform with seamless functionality has resonated with customers, resulting in increased user engagement and sales.

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