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Conceptual design for the official Lexus dealer that focuses on showcasing brand identity and key advantages. This project centered on delivering an intuitive & memorable user experience through detailed product presentations and captivating visuals.


Our goal was to create a design that would set the Lexus dealer apart from competitors by accentuating the functionality and unique qualities of Lexus vehicles. We wanted to highlight the premium segment and sought to develop a convenient search process for vehicles for the users.


Main page

The main page of the website showcase large visuals and was meticulously crafted for user convenience. It incorporates two essential navigation elements: a left menu and vertical sections. These sections feature a unique animation effect, where background images dynamically changed upon cursor hover, enhancing interactivity and visual engagement.


The catalog section served as a comprehensive repository of Lexus models. Users could explore the entire lineup and access 3D model views with a simple hover action. Each model had its dedicated page, complete with detailed descriptions, high-resolution imagery, feature listings, color options, and an extensive image gallery.

Selecting Assistance

To assist users in selecting their preferred Lexus model, we designed a user-friendly filtering system. Our emphasis was on using filters that resonate with the everyday consumer, ensuring that the process of finding the perfect vehicle was straightforward and intuitive.


The design's approach effectively showcased the Lexus brand's distinctiveness. The result was a concept for a user-centric digital platform that fulfilled its objectives, enhancing the presentation of Lexus models and facilitating user interactions with the brand in new and meaningful ways.

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