Ukraine's leading financial portal, attracting 5 million monthly visitors monthly.


Project name


1 year


1-4 devs from our side




Web development
Team augmentation


React is a Ukrainian finance portal that attracts 5 million individuals monthly. It serves as a one-stop destination, offering comprehensive financial news, comprehensive banking and insurance services, and convenient online ordering options. 

Form of cooperation

The collaboration with followed an outstaff-based model, where our expert team of 1-4 developers actively contributed to the project's success. We worked closely with the client's representatives, exerting influence on business approaches and technical solutions through active participation in brainstorming sessions and meetings. 

Cooperation stages

First phase

Before initiating the cooperation, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the project's specific requirements, tasks, and desired developer competencies. 

Second phase

Based on these findings, we proposed highly qualified specialists with relevant experience to meet the client's needs. 

Third phase

Our developers seamlessly integrated into the client's team, ensuring a smooth onboarding process spanning several weeks. 

Fourth phase

During this period, our developers immersed themselves in the project's intricacies, familiarized themselves with the documentation, and successfully executed essential tasks.


  • Development and support of the front end for new portal products


  • Development of an internal component library: To facilitate consistent and efficient website development, we created a robust internal component library. This invaluable resource served as a repository of reusable components that were strategically utilized across the website's front end.


  • Consulting on the technical implementation of business processes and logic: Leveraging our expertise, we provided valuable insights and guidance to regarding the technical implementation of their business processes and logic. 



Components for the internal library

Our team developed essential components that were integrated throughout the website's front end. These components not only ensured consistency in design and functionality but also expedited development processes and improved overall efficiency.


We developed several types of insurance product aggregators catering to different domains. This section included comprehensive information about service providers, their ratings, prices, discounts, and the functionality to issue insurance policies. 

Insurance options

OSAGO aggregator

We implemented advanced filtering options, search result optimization, and streamlined application forms to enhance the user experience for mandatory car insurance policies. 

Travel insurance directory

Our team developed an intuitive functionality that allowed users to choose from a wide range of health insurance options based on criteria such as country, age of tourists, and travel dates. The results were displayed in a user-friendly comparison format, empowering users to make informed decisions

WOG insurance

We developed the search functionality, introduced efficient filtering options, and ensured a seamless display of search results, optimizing the user experience. 

Credit online

The page with a list of creditor companies, where users can easily search based on loan value, timing conditions, and employment type. We implemented filters for specific loan types, such as cash, 24/7 availability, and online accessibility. Additionally, we integrated a blog functionality that featured thematic articles and facilitated client engagement through comments


After the update launch, achieved remarkable results, including issuing 20k credits and facilitating 4m pdl-loans, signifying significant growth and success in empowering individuals with seamless access to financial services.

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