Social community mobile app designed to streamline event reminders and gift selection for your friends' special occasions.


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Diatom is a cutting-edge mobile app that consolidates your friends' events into one convenient platform and takes the guesswork out of gift-giving. It acts as your personal event organizer, reminding you of upcoming celebrations while also providing curated gift ideas based on your friends' preferences. With Diatom, you'll never miss an important occasion and always find the perfect gift.


The task was to create a mobile app that connects users from different social networks, centralizes their calendars with event reminders, generates personalized wishlists, and fosters a vibrant community where users can effortlessly plan events and exchange gifts using a provided design.


Account Creation

  • Signing up can be made with an email or using their Google or Facebook accounts.


  • While onboarding, there is an option to add dates for important events such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries and personalize their profile by adding and cropping a profile photo.


  • Users can also unlock their unique personality type by participating in our quiz. The results calculation will show the type of engagement users refer to and what is personally important for them. The results will not only help generate personalized wishlists but can also be shared with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Google.


"Build a community" features

Connect with friends

Opportunity to connect with their friends by syncing the contacts from their phonebooks and Facebook. 

Pre-create profiles

Users can pre-create profiles for their friends or manage profiles within the community, making event planning seamless.

User profile

Interactive widgets display upcoming events, insights, and categorized lists of wishes and friends, enabling easy search and filtering.


Users can keep track of events with our intuitive calendar feature. Set reminders for upcoming celebrations, share events with the community, and configure recurring events. We have incorporated timezone functionality to keep users in sync across different time zones.


We have integrated Twilio for SMS notifications, ensuring you never miss an important event. In addition, our app delivers timely notifications directly to your device.


Diatom simplifies your life by consolidating event information, notifications, and personalized gift suggestions in one intuitive app. Stay organized, never miss an important occasion, and enjoy seamless event management at your fingertips.

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