Innovative web form builder that automates data collection and risk calculation processes for Amalie, a consulting company from the USA


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The "Amalie" Project introduces a web form builder designed for the internal use of a trade compliance consulting company. This innovative tool streamlines the risk management process by automating data collection and risk calculations.


The primary objective was to develop an instrument that automates the collection of client data and calculates risk indicators accurately, reducing the manual effort involved in these processes.


Our main challenge was to automate Amalie's processes within their interaction with clients and streamline data collection.


Form builder

The form builder empowers administrators to create various types of forms, including transactional, program, and procedural forms. Administrators can customize forms with different question types and response formats. Each question can be assigned a risk weight, and the form itself can be assigned to specific employees responsible for the corresponding field. Furthermore, the system allows for document attachments, form sharing through generated links, and setting deadlines using an internal calendar

Client Management

The client management page displays a list of forms categorized by companies, along with their relevant risk scores. Administrators can export data for further analysis, enabling comprehensive risk monitoring.


The admin dashboard provides a centralized view of all forms, indicating completion levels, form types, and deadlines. This comprehensive overview allows administrators to efficiently monitor progress and make informed decisions.

Client Dashboard

The client dashboard offers Amalie's clients a personalized space to view their list of forms, track completion status, and assess risk levels associated with each form. Clients can easily identify pending and ongoing tasks, ensuring effective organization and proactive participation


Since its launch, Amalie and its clients have witnessed a significant transformation in their risk management practices. The automated data collection and risk calculation processes have greatly reduced manual effort, improving overall efficiency. By simplifying interactions and providing real-time insights, the web form builder has empowered Amalie to make informed decisions based on accurate risk assessments. The streamlined process has strengthened client relationships and elevated customer satisfaction levels.

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